Pony Club Workshop

Ponies Inside Out is the children’s extension of Horses Inside Out.

These workshops are ideal for Pony Clubs or ‘Own a Pony’ Days.

They are a ‘funtastic’ way to learn about anatomy and how it can help riding.

Cleanining Afterwards Painting a Pony
Showing the Pelvis Explaining the bones

Just like Horses Inside Out, Ponies Inside Out tailors the activities that suit the age and stage of the children.

Some suggestions for workshops are:

  Paint your pony,
How your pony moves,
Carrot stretches for ponies.
Lecture demonstrations can also be arranged for older Pony Club members covering such topics as:
  Anatomy for riders
How your horse moves

Again, these are tailor made for the group and are useful for exams or pony club tests.

Many of the feed back forms from the Horses Inside Out lecture demonstrations follow the same trend:

“Fantastic! It makes sense of everything I’ve ever been taught”
“Wish I’d learned about this years ago!”
“I really understand about being overbent, hocks under and self carriage”

The opportunity is here now to teach the generation of the future!

A group enjoying the day
Ponies Inside Out is Ideal for Camps
Whole day or Half Day Workshops

Painting Ponies

Some comments from the children……………………

‘Really good fun’
‘It was quite hard to do but my pony looked really cool afterwards’
‘I liked seeing the bones’
‘It was fun washing the paint off after!’

If you are interested in Ponies Inside Out please ring for more information:

tel: 0115 921 2648
e-mail: gillian@poniesinsideout.com